The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Yes, I am…

This is it!!!

It’s time people!!! Time to become a stormtrooper! The back bone of the 501st Legion.

At first I confess… I didn’t want a stormtrooper costume at first. Seriously! From the top of my whole 5’2″ I know what I’m going to hear is: “Aren’t you too short for a stormtrooper?”

I’d seriously get tired of that line! Well, I already was and I wasn’t even a stormtrooper yet.

But I changed my mind. Maybe the challenge of working with plastic for the first time. Maybe just the coolest idea of being under a helmet, who knows. But the best of all is that after so many years i FINALLY get to dress up as some of those guys that i had always thought were robots (hahahahahha) from my favorite movie in the whole world!


So here i want to document my path into Stormtrooper-hood!

And yeah… I gotta apologize in advance because… There are so many things I have to learn along the way… not just things I have to learn how to make, but also their names. So, if I come up with weird names… just hang in there.

So… I’ve been hanging around at the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) a lot. REALLY a lot.

It’s an awesome place for everything stormtrooper and the people there are amazing and really know what they are doing.

I have many things to consider before I buy my armor kit.

uhmmm… for those not so familiar on how these things work… The first step to become a stormtrooper (of any size hahahah) you have to buy an armor kit. You know… all the pieces of it and then you have to put together.

Some kits come with helmet if you want, but you can also buy without. I think nowadays pretty much all kits are made of shiny ABS plastic. And don’t ask, i have no idea what ABS means! lol

There are different kit sellers and there are different kind of armors!

There are some kits that were fan sculpted (you know..  fans sculpted the whole armor based on reference pictures and stuff, and made their own molds, and all those good things) and there are armor that come from the original molds (yep… the ones used on the movies) Well… to tell you the truth I’m not an expert in stormtrooper armor history… what i understood was that… some one got hold of the original molds and authorization to make armors out of it. And from that mold and armors came other generations of kits and stuff.

I don’t have a sharp eye for the kits yet. All I can do is see the difference on the FX armor and helmet. Everything else looks awesome.

I do know though, that some of the kits are bigger. And this was definitely one of my main concerns.

Also the size of the helmet.

After much much talk and reading on the FISD, I decided to by an ATA kit.

Placed my order today. Helmet will most definitely arrive first… good i guess, cause i can work on it first.

And in the mean while I have sooooo much other stuff to get…

It’s extremely excited to take the first step into becoming a Stormtrooper! Tiny one that is!




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