The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

These boots are made for trooping

The boots are here! And they are UGLY! hahahha

yeah, i don’t like the way they look very much, but it’s for a costume right?!?! and with armor, everything ties up together nicely… so I will stop complaining.

I also got the paint.

This paint is awesome! Of course i needed a lot of coats, but to be able to turn black shoes into white… that’s amazing.

I was told that this was impossible so many times… but thank goodness for all those amazing people that do so many research for us.


I told you they were ugly! hahaha Getting them ready for paining. Apparently this Angelus paint is so good the leather doesn’t need to be roughen up. HEY is roughen even a word????? lol

Here is after the first coat. Not sure how many more I’m gonna need. 10?

I have to wait until the paint is super dry to be able to give another coat. So i think this is going to take a while.


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