The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

All the little things

Ou crap! So much to think and decide and buy, I’m a little overwhelmed!

I should be a little more organized like I was when I was making my Mara Jade costume. (I kept a journal with pictures and notes of what I had to do or buy) but this time around I’m being a bit lazy!

Cause of course i got so much in my plate. Besides working longer hours now, I’m working on 4 other costumes.

1 is a “burlesque” type of sexy stormtrooper so mostly now I depend of the plastic parts of the actual armor! Otherwise everything else is pretty much done.
There’s the corset Imperial Officer I said I’d make like… 3 years ago, and I never did! Just need to finish a little detail on the jacket sleeve!
I’m doing a Zatanna and need to make shorts, a jacked and find a hat!
And a surprise one, that is a bit intricate as well, fabric, plastic and probably foam involved!

So yeah! I’m super overwhelmed!

But for the TK… Things that I need from the top of my head:

– under armor. – I want 2 piece! Easy way out! You know???
– gloves (nomex)
– rubber gloves and latex hand plates for centurion status
– balaclava
– neck seal (I’m gonna try to make it)
– belt and clips for the thermal detonator
– webbing and elastic ( no idea sizes, amount, etc cause the strapping system still confuses me)
– line 24 snaps
– rivets and rivet gun
– split rivets and the ones for the side of the ab and kidney plates
– sealing iron
– heat gun
– scissors (straight and curved)
– paint for the helmet ( blue, grey, black and white. Gotta find out the right shades)
– straps for the helmet
– foam
– drill (probably should borrow one it I can’t really use my dremel! Is there such a thing as drill bits for dremel??? )
– blaster ( I want it all ready. Def don’t want to work on it hahah call me lazy)

I’m pretty sure theres a lot more stuff I can’t remember right now, but I’ll keep adding to it I’m sure!!!


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