The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Oh, the labor of love!!

Helmet work is fun!
It’s not really too complicated I have to confess but, there are some little areas that just need especial attention and extreme accurate eye for the details.

But as trimming goes, it’s not like I have to trim it to fit, right???

I had to get a rivet gun for it and well… Working on my hand strength to use that thing.
I practiced a bit and damn!!! My hands are weak!

Talking about weak hands. …
Oh my lord in heaven!

I had to clamp the helmet in place so I could make wholes for the river right??
The clamps I had were not big enough so I got bigger ones.
But I couldn’t open them with one hand!
You see, I had to hold the top part of the helmet and the front part together to clamp it, but… Damn u have only 2 hands right?
I tried to put the helmet between my legs and hold it like that… But it’s sooo sleepery!

Seriously! I could not believe I battled with it for as long as I did. 2 hours or so!

So I gave up! Next day I tried again and by simply using some painters tape and stuffing a sweatshirt inside I could manage and do it!

I didn’t buy a drill… So I did the whole with my dremel. Wasn’t so easy but it worked fine. Maybe I jut need a drill bit for it!

So holes are done and rivets as in!

Now the problem!!!
The way I riveted it the rubber thingie above the eye is low. I don’t like that look.
I wanted a little bit up! You know, show some white right above the eyes.
Gotta figure out how to take those rivets out!


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