The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

I can’t hear you!!!!!

Because i got no EARS! lol

It is time to sit down and work on these things!!!



I first rough trimmed the ear… and then started trimming slowly… little by little.



I had to sand it nice and even, otherwise it wont sit nicely on the helmet. even to see if that was enough trimming.


It didn’t matter how much a tried. The gap between the helmet and the ear was just too big! So a friend of mine came to help.

The ear looked nice and even but.. it just didn’t fit!



Mac is definitely having sooo much fun with this build. He gets to play with his favorite toys!! lol



Yeah… I’m working and sanding and working and Mac is looking for some love. My hands were busy so he decided to see if my foot would scratch him a bit! Smartie pants! lol


At this point in the evening, i was just playing around. I appreciate very much that my friend came to help but he was as clueless as i was and it just didn’t work. His TD bucket came assembled and one point I had to make the decision of stop trying. I just didn’t want my helmet with tons of holes even if they were going to be hidden under the ears.

Poor Mac ended up suffering because with my frustration i just wanted to take some  fun pics and he is always my favorite subject!

I present you TK MAC! =)



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