The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

The big box is here


I got home from work and the big box was waiting for me at the door.

I had promised my friend Neil that I would txt him when the box was here, and not open it until he came over.

I was good!! I was very tempted to open it, but I waited. While i waited, to not fall into temptation, I scrubbed the kitchen floor! lol



It was good that I waited for Neil so he could take the pictures!



OH CRAP! that is way too big! Honestly i can almost fit both my thighs in one! Although I’m very excited still, i’m starting to get a bit scared of all the trimming Ill have to do to make this fit. I don’t wanna walk around and clank, clank, clank. you know?? ioh well… let me worry about that later.


Ok! Another problem… looking at this pieces as I get them out of the box… they are not mirrored. You know, left side exactly like right side?!? well, they are not! and i have no idea which one goes on which side!



Everybody takes a picture like that! How cool is that????? seriously!!!

YEEEY!!!! My armor (kit) is here!!!

BTW i think the people on the street over the other side could hear me scream!!! lol



Just so you have a little idea… look at this!!! And i don’t even think the ATA kit is that big. I have definitely seen larger hand plates!!

oh all the work i have ahead of me!


I honestly just wanted to sit down and start trimming, but i didn’t. One, because i had to wake up super early next day, and 2 because… i haven’t yet bought the scissors I need, which is ridiculous cause I drive in front of the Hobby Store almost every day.

But i’ll get it tomorrow and will let the real work commence.

Good night all!


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