The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Trim trim trim

Ok so i finally got the hobby scissors people suggested. It came in a package with 2, one straight, one curved.

they are so tiny it’s almost impossible to think they will cut easily through the abs.

I also got some other scissors, and the little exacto knife for some score and snap!

I see people use metal rulers, but i decided to use what i have. I have soooo many different rulers i just didn’t want to buy another one.



Everybody mentioned the “score and snap” technique. it seemed impossible for me that just a little score would make it easy to snap! but it is!



This is really just a rough trimming. I wons wondering if i should just start trimming to fit and not wast time trimming it twice… but… I’ve never done this before. I need some practice before i need to make cuts that will make a difference.

So here are the hand plates. I still need to measure and then cut again!




The curved areas are so much easier to cut with the scissors!




I separated the cod piece.

Fist because i heard that if you want to make your armor as accurate as possible you should do that. My armor won’t be as accurate as possible because of the size, right?? so everything else that i can do… i will.

And also because some people told me it’s more comfortable… and because i will probably have to cut some inches off of the top!


I do not know why but i don’t want to throw all this out, just yet!!!



Yep! first blood shed! hahaha and of course it had to be on my right leg!

I ALWAYS hurt my right leg! Can you see the scars next to the little cut???



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