The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Now, some more trimming

Everyone suggested I started the real trimming on the arms. So I started with the shoulder bells. It seemed to be the easiest of all, but i still had to decide if I was going to leave it big, or actually cut it.

After so much thinking…. I did cut them 1/2″ all around, but on the bottom I only removed the return edge. Since I’m going to have to add another one, it would get shorter a bit anyways.



So I borrowed the modeling iron from a friend, and read over and over again how to make a nice return edge. I confess i was mighty curious to see if I could do it, so decided to practice a little on some scrap piece of plastic.

Well, it was a good idea of course, always good to practice but… i knew that the plastic left over from trimming was a bit thinner then what I would have to do the return edge on…

So… i didn’t practice for too long.

I tried following exactly what the tutorial said, but it didn’t work. It said to apply some pressure and move the iron back and forth. I tried, tried, and nothing happened.

So, in frustration… I just left the iron on the plastic for a bit, until it got soft and THEN i moved back and forth.

It is kind of never wrecking to watch the plastic basically melt right before my eyes, but it worked perfectly!

And I think my first return edge just looks AWESOME! I’m very proud of myself right now!!! lol




I was told this was going to be my best friend on this build.

I got it at the hobby store and it has 2 temperatures. I have no idea what the cooler temperature is for though. It is warm and stuff, but it just doesn’t do anything. Of course i tried first with the cooler setting. hahah So scary!


First piece i reshaped was the biceps. My fingers are burning! =(

i can use gloves… but… it’s hard to hold everything with the gloves i have!!!!

It’s unbelievable that with just a few bending and reshaping it already looks so much smaller. And i only trimmed after it was more fitting on my arm.



See??? It fits sooooooo nicely!!!! I’m so happy!



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