The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Let’s put everything together!

And so i got to THAT point on the build! Time to put these pieces together!

I feel like i need more clamps. And the magnets arrived yesterday. Thank goodness!!!

I made the mistake of thinking those ones that they sell at Michaels would work… Yeah peoples… they don’t work! So i ordered some from Ebay.

I’m putting Shims on the inside of everything.

I’m not sure yet if that’s common practice, but since everything has been reshaped, i’m afraid some edges won’t meet 100%. This way i think they will be more reinforced!



Before i glued anything though, I might have tried them on like that 1000000 times, just to make sure!




I don’t think you show your love for the craft until you bleed on your work! SERIOUSLY!


Oh boy, so yeah… when I trimmed everything, i had to cut off those flat tabbie thingies on the edges that make both sides meet up properly. I reshaped everything made smaller to fit me nicely, but the edges were not meeting at all. It didn’t really matter what i did, it just didn’t work, so after asking around i learned that people that have done this to size a girl, actually Re-made those tabbies. so here we go!! gotta make them.

The heat gun can be your best friend and your worse enemy at the same time.

After thinking for a while (gosh, how much time have i spent just staring at this bunch of plastic, thinking, and thinking???? hours probably!) i decided to use those paint mixers to sandwich the plastic, and then apply the heat where i wanted to bend.

This definitely made my life a lot easier.

By the way… it works better if you have that nozzle thingie, like hair dryers you know??? So you can direct the heat exactly to where you need to.

Heat and bend!



See? I got myself a very good looking tabbie thingie! LOL



these magnets are bitches I’ll tell ya! U haven’t yet pinched myself with them, but GRRRRRR they are sooo annoying. they jump from anywhere to attach themselves to everything!!!

But they do a good job holding the pieces together.


See what i mean?????



Ok, i am absolutely proud of this seam. I don’t even care that this is the only nice looking one in the whole build! At least I got one perfect!!! lol



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