The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Last details on the helmet

My helmet has been sitting on the table for a while untouched because i did this


Yep! I spilled paint on it. And on my brand new rug, which almost gave me a heart attack, so i stood up super quickly… and spilled it again. =S Anyways… Cleaned the rug, thank goodness and got stuck with this.

I know i should have wiped right away or something but i was more concerned about my rug. And so the paint dried.

It’s not even that it’s blue. but it’s very, very thick. some areas even more than others. =S

So, like everything that frustrates me, i put it away for a while.

But i had to finish the helmet right??? Cause Philly Wizard World is coming and if the TK is not ready for that, i definitely want to bring my burlesque version of it (yep, yep, yep!!! I’m also working on a SEXY version of the stormtrooper!)

So I went to HOme Depot! I love my Home Depot. Everybody there is so helpful, and i totally believe it’s because i walk around at that place looking completely lost. hahahah

And they always have a blast asking me about what I’m making!!!

So this time i explained to the guy what happened and he sold me this paint that says ULTRA coverage. And the thing WORKS!

the inside of that thing was absolutely blue! And one single coat of white covered it almost completely. just a few little touches to make it perfect!

I sanded on the outside cause it was way too thick! and look how awesome it looks!


I’m not used to wearing anything on my head, and over my face. So yeah, I am a bit concerned about wearing a helmet all the time. I do get a bit claustrophobic in many different situations but i also know i can get over it, cause… uhm… i couldn’t get into elevators. AT ALL! and I’m over it. So, i know i can do it!

But… to help a little, i’m trying to minimize anything inside the helmet. I also decided not to paint it black… I won’t add anything that is not necessary. No sound, not even fan… cause I’m not really planning on trooping outside if it’s too hot anyways.

So i decided to make this leaf thingie for foam and not stuff my helmet with all those little pad thingies.

But it’s all trial and error. This one sits nicely and snug all by itself. No velcro, no glue. If in reality of trooping this doesn’t work… I can try something else.


This mesh thingie was a pain in my petunia! I asked around and some people said they used hot glue. So I tried! DAMN PEOPLE! the hot glue just didn’t work!!!

After complaining on Facebook about it, my wonderful Legion friends explained to me how it has to be done, and BAAM!!!

Looks nice huh???


I called my friend to help me out to put the lenses the way his helmet is. It doesn’t sit completely tight and closed on the helmet, so he said it doesn’t fog.

But he was going to nned some different whatevers… and i gave up on that idea.

Too complicated, and I’m looking for simple ways, that keep everything nice and clean looking. You know? Just adding those whatevers freaked me out.

So i remembered i had seen a tutorial on YouTube, from the Trooperbay guy, that used the screws from the ears to hold the lenses. THERE! not adding anything else on the inside of my precious baby!!!

here is the link for the tutorial

And here is how mine looks!



AAWWWWWWW I absolutely love it!!!

Can’t you believe i have a bucket???? I look at it and laugh!! And to think that when i was little I thought Stormtroopers were droids!!! hahahaha

Now, look at me! gonna be one! So cool!



Still haven’t found the stupid screw! =S


That’s me. Holding my baby like a proud mamma! lol



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