The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

More helping hands

This time Rick came over to help!!!! YEY!!! CTG people to my rescue!

Just as soon as he got over here, after the shock with the mess that was on the floor, he laughed at how tiny my biceps are! Look. they don’t even pass his elbow!


Of course Mac had a blast!

Seriously, now every time I sit down to work Mac waits by the stairs for someone to come in. hahahah


Nice rivets!


Besides that, Rick helped me get things measured on me, to figure out the whole strapping thing. That was awesome cause god knows why i’m scared pantless of this strapping thing. I’m just no sure how to do it, and every time i research ofr it, i find so many different ways. I know it’s more of a personal choice… but honestly?? I do not have a personal opinion on the matter yet. So how to make such decision?????

Rick  worked on the shoulder bells, and added the snap plates to them. He figured out how to do strapping on them, and put the snaps on the webbing… and all that stuff.

showed me where i have to sew, etc, etc!!! Huge help!!




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