The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!


I went to work this morning and couldn’t stop thinking of this.

Last night i also added the shims on the thighs… and I didn’t think of it at the time but, today i couldn’t stop thinking.

there was something wrong. I looked everywhere for pictures and yep!!! it’s wrong.

i ran the cover strip all the way down to the end. And it’s not supposed to be like that.

It sucks double time because… now I have to figure out how take it off, and… there’s a gap under there. =( so I have to fix the gap.

Suggestions were… score and snap the extra part and fill the gap with abs paste! =( ok

Oh and to make things worse… there are gaps on the back as well.

SUCKS! I hate bumps on the road especially with such tight deadline I gave myself. If I hadn’t slacked for a month I wouldn’t be freaking out right now.



Score and snap worked, as well as running the exacto knife in the middle. It sort of cut the glue and it was easy to take it off. Now… let’s deal with the


100% acetone melts the abs, but it makes a lot easier if you shave bits very finely!

I did one coat… I’ll let it dry, sand it flat then do another one. fingers crossed!



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