The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!


I wanna scream!

I’m tired! I’m tired of this mess, and i’m tired of not having this costume ready.

I’m tired of sitting on the floor, and doing nothing else but working on this thing. Every single day, every free time.

I’m even thinking of backing out of the Memorial Day Parade next monday because… I need to finish this.

Ok, sure… I don’t have to do all this. I don’t have to finish it right now. As long as it’s ready for CVI right??


Got it???? Good!


So, instead of having a snap connecting the arms straps to the shoulder strap Rick suggested i sewed it. so there was no risk of seeing the snap since I’m going for the floating shoulder strap.



I don’t know exactly what i did with the right forearm. I did not bend the tabbie things nicely. Maybe i thought i could get away with it… who knows. I don’t remember, cause it was a while ago.. but now… they are not joining nicely.

and stupid me… wasted another day trying to get around it without having to work with the heat gun. I hate the heat gun. It burns my fingers.

Geez! I think I may be PMSy. I’m tired of my bad mood!


Yeah… whatever… i know… the drop boxes are on the wrong place. gotta fix them. thank goodness i put velcro.

cause i’m planning on using the belt on the burlesque version as well… i just thought it would be nice to have the option of not using the drop boxes.



I’m gonna go to sleep, cause i’m tired of the world!


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