The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

I didn’t like how the snap plates looked like. I didn’t know exactly why they looked like that, so Monday when Neil came to help, I asked him to put the snaps on the webbing. it would sit a lot nicer and flatter, and besides, some places the plates are just too big, like on the sides of the cod piece. (I know, i know, i could make them smaller)

But i’ve seen someone making those like that. Of course that now when I googled it, I didn’t find it…

But when i talked to Rick he said that the plates didn’t sit flat because of the snaps I was using. that the new ones I got at Michaels were going to be flatter.

So I got home and decided to make more snap plates with the new snaps. I didn’t even make one.

I just can’t put those snaps right!

so… today I started gluing the straps.


Also gave a second coat on the abs paste, and the thighs are ready! i guess I’ll keep the blue tape tho. It gives my tk some character!!! lol


It was time to add the battery pack.

And then I had a whole fight with the rivet gun. First, wasted a lot of time to figure out how to put the battery pack on the right place. Remember that I trimmed almost 2″ off of the thighs so that meant the battery pack was too long. So I had to trim it as well!


then it was not sitting on a nice area that i could drill and put the rivet.

I had to bent it some more with the heat gun… and when i finally, finally figure out where to put it… I broke my rivet gun!

Literally… a piece of the thingie inside broke.

I was off to Karps to get another one and look for a split rivet setting tool… I brought mac with me… and oh boy… it would have been a lot faster if I left him at home!

Basically everyone in the store came to play with mac, and then, a lady that works there just wouldn’t stop talking. Very sweet, but she told me the whole story of her cat, that sheds a lot, her sons huskie, that sheds a lot, and how the dog doesn’t like the cat (duh) and how Mac is beautiful! god bless. what a face! and how she doesn’t like her niece, and how her cat likes to cuddle before she goes to work, and how much hair she vacuums every day….

Oh man!!!!

then after all that time lost, I get home, and try to set the rivet… it comes off of the back part. Get it off, do it again. Same thing happens.

Take it off, do it again.



Ok, then looking closely i was using the wrong rivet. Finally found a longer one and…

DAMN! the rivet gun cut of the tippy top, and now won’t cut the rest. Which is exactly what happened with the other side when the gun broke. So now… i have the sticky thingie from the rivets sticking out on both sides of the battery pack


I just put it to the side cause i can’t even look at it!


When I was driving to the hardware store, Mac ate my chap stick. It smelled good so I think it was yummy!!!! =P


The Heat gun! the TinyTK best friend! lol

I sat down and properly added the tabbies to the forearm and it worked!

well… can’t be lazy with this stuff!



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