The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!


Finally got some updates!
Apparently the whole problem with the snaps was not that we set them wrong. The little “stem” (whatever they are called) on the snaps I got are too long. I got from 2 different places: an eBay seller called Leather Worx , and the Tandy leather ones we get at Michael’s. They are pretty much the same! Same size stem thingie.

So they are too long! Even hammering the bejeesus out of them, they won’t work when set on thin things like the webbing.
On the abs snap plate they work fine because the abs is thicker than the webbing. 😦

But there is not much I can do right?
I mean, of course I can go look for some snaps with shorter stems, but that would probably cost me more time and I really want to TK up for an event we have on the 25th.

So for now we used those snaps on the webbing and forced them on each other. Literally.

There is a little trick, not complicated but a bit hard to explain, but it worked.

It’s not something I can snap in and off easily so we put those in areas that I know I won’t need to snap them off all the time: butt to kidney plates, crotch to ab, things like that.
The other areas that I’d need to open to be able to put everything on like the shoulder, the suspenders that snap on the top of the ab, etc we tried to get the ones that work better.

I was able to wear the whole top half. So exciting.

I also closed up the ab and kidney plates. One side with a piece of black elastic and velcro (to be able to open it to get in and out of it) and the other side with strips of black elastic that will be glued. That side we need to add the snaps as well.

I made the garter thing too but have to wait for my friend to come over and do the snaps on it. (for the thighs)

We are definitely going to try to finish it up today.
Besides the snaps on the garter, and the snaps on the sides of the ab and butt plates we need to add the ones on the cod piece (on the crotch), butt plate, and holster.

Yeah, that’s all that’s left!

Kind of exciting to see things move along again.
I hate being stuck and the frustration of not being able to do anything.

By the way, I’m kind of super exciting with some of the panels they are going to have at CVI. Especially Women of the Legion and White Armor.
I hope they have a short girl like me sharing her experience in building a tiny armor out of a normal size kit!

What a pain!


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