The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!


4 months of hard work, frustration, blood and tears, laugh, excitement, and hammer on my fingers, my stormtrooper is DONE!!

For the past month there was not much to do. Just the snaps.

As you may know, I had such a hard time putting the Line 24 snaps on.
And because of that I had to wait until some good soul would come over to help me.

I am very very grateful for all my garrison mates that helped me throughout this long process: Gary, who helped me with those insane crazy ears that just wouldn’t lay nicely on the helmet, Gino and Rick for their expertise and guidance on all the key points I had no idea how to do, and Neil for all the hard labor I just couldn’t do myself.

I’m not going to sound like I didn’t do anything hahahhaha cause I worked freaking hard on this thing!
I measured, trimmed, cut, reshaped, and glued the whole thing by myself! I also sanded, and did every return edges!
I did everything on the helmet BUT the ears and even painted all the details. (no decals)

But I would not have been able to finish it up if I hadn’t had all this help!

And especially this week, after being stuck for almost a month, if it wasn’t for Neil, hammering his fingers and the snaps, I’d probably not going to bring this to CVI!

But we finished it!
I haven’t taken pictures wearing it yet. It was late when we finished it and I’m going to need to take the pictures outside. Besides we were hungry! Lol

And also I need to figure out what to do with the blaster 😦 can’t believe all is done and I don’t have a blaster!

Oh and to make things worse, I have no idea where I put my thermal detonator :S

But I’m going to look for it tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to take the pics and send them for approval this week!

I just can’t wait to finally be a TK!!!

I have the top half of it on my dress form! And I love it! Can’t stop looking at it!



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