The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!


Sooo crazy busy with stuff lately!
After I finished the TK I wasn’t feeling guilty to work on other stuff so that’s what I have been doing.

And it also got a bit hard to get someone to come over and take pictures for me… I basically went through the same thing with all my other costumes. Have the costume ready but couldn’t take pictures! Such a pain!

By the way… I just realized, this is my 3rd year in the Legion! And this is my 3rd costume!
It will be sort of nice to keep it a tradition! Although I haven’t done it on purpose! Until now I mean! Lol
I think one costume a year is doable!

I will, though, stay away from plastic for my next one!!! Hahaha

Oh plastic how I hate you! 😛

Alright, alright!!! I don’t hate plastic! But the scars on my legs havent gone away yet and that’s annoying! Or cool! Hahah I can compare scars with other troopers! I bet we all have them, right?

Ok, no more blah blah blahs!
Sunday Neil came over to take pictures.
I tried to dress myself up! Still getting the hang of it! I got confused on the order of things a few times and then just had to take everything off, cause the other piece would go on… So confusing!
The top part is not the easiest to put on! But I do like how everything is attached and stay in place so I guess I’ll suffer on the dressing up part!

The shins kind of chipped the paint ony boots!
But…. You can’t even see it because it covers it completely! So I guess I’ll leave it like this while I research other alternatives to keep the paint on it or something.

So… The first round of pictures… Dumb me… Flipped the belt upside down so the holster was on the right side.
I’m still not used to this and didn’t even realized until I posted the picture on Facebook and someone pointed that out!
First reaction was complete terror! I thought I had done everything backwards! Then realized it was just upside down!! Uff! What a relief!

Then we took more pictures!
Second time around it was easier to get dress!

I feel soooooo cool in my armor!
Who knew I’d grow up to be a stormtrooper!! Hahaha

So I sent the pictures to my GML, Chris and a few hours later got his answer that IM APPROVED!

I’m officially a TK, a 501st stormtrooper! How awesome is that?????




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