The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

1st troop

August 18th was my first troop as a stormtrooper, and you wanna know what????

Who knew I would grow up to be a stormtrooper, huh??? Lol

ComiCONN was this past Saturday and it was an amazing event! The Marriott in Trumbull was packed and at one point the line to get in was wrapping around the building outside!
If you never attended you are missing a great fun show, and super good people!!

Anyways, I just can’t tell you how cool it was, from beginning to end! I already felt super cool rolling my bright yellow suitcase in and holding my helmet bag!!

Getting dressed wasn’t as complicated as the first few time, and I had Gino getting his TK on at the same time so i just had to follow his steps when I got confused! Hahah
Yeah sometimes I forget what goes first and end up stuck on something.

I barely needed help!

The troop itself was a breeze! I had no idea I’d be sooo cool and not freaking out with the helmet on for so long.
To tell you the truth I as a bit worried!
But I found out that when I start feeling weird inside of it I just need to walk! Then I’m fine!
But I didn’t even feel weird and ended up trooping for 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Only stopped cause I was hungry (which was a good sign! Haven’t been hungry in weeks)

Oh I also had to pee mid troop! Hahaha had to take everything off and then put everything back on!!!

At the end of the troop I had no armor bites, no soreness, no malfunctions! It was just a perfect first troop! I just couldn’t be happier!

Now… Looking at the pics!
DAMN I look little next to the other guys!
Like keychain little!
Tiny TK is def the perfect name cause I’m not just small. Alone I’m small! With other TKs I’m just freaking tiny!

Another thing was that ppl kept bumping onto me and moving the shoulder bells. I kept trying to fix it but it was hard! 😖
Now I’m absolutely annoyed by the pictures cause my shoulder bells are always looking bad!

Not sure what I can do to stop that from happening…








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