The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Celebration VI – Day 2

Whoaaaa what fun!!!!
I think I went to sleep at 4 or 5am and woke up by 8 freaking out cause my friend Neil was still sleeping!
I must have say in bed for around half an hour wondering if it was ok to wake him up already cause I wanted to star the day as soon as possible!!!!!
Come on lazy bones!!!!!!!

Honestly I have no idea where I find so much energy! People say as we get older things change but I have to confess one thing!!! It’s getting worse for me (or better hahahah) I seem to have more energy now then when I was 19!!! Crazy shit bitches. Hahahhah

Costume of the day: my burlesque TK!!!
I planned to wear this for just half of the day! Those shoes are killer and I will have to do something about them!!!
It didn’t last much tho. Not even because of the shoes.
I kept my blaster on the holster and carried the big one and guess what???
One of the holster’s snap broke and was dangling.
Damn that was enough to piss me off!!!
It didn’t even look that bad but I was sooooo mad I had to change.

Neil and I were scheduled to work with Official Pix anyways!!! So I changed are something and reported for duty!!!

My very first day as an official pix volunteer!
I was honestly prepared to be giving info about the autographs by the bathroom door right next to a garbage can!!! Hahahhaha
But guess what????????

I got to work with Ian McDirmiad! YES! The emperor himself!!!

OMG I could not believe it!
And Neil was at Mark Hamill’s table!
Aren’t we the luckiest rookies in the face of the earth ??

Everybody at OPix are do cool! All the oranges and reds!!! There are so many oranges tho I didn’t get the chance to meet everybody!!! But there’s still time!!!

Ian is awesome! I lived to see how zealous he is with people’s things!!!
Oh and I was holding a guys poster after he signed and I thought te guy had it already so I let go and he didn’t have it so it rolled up a bit (ink was still wet) I caught and so did Ian and the guy, but Mr Emperor gave me that cold look!

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! I almost died!!!
Made sure I didn’t do that again!!! I held to people’s stuff until they had to pry it from my hands!!! Hahahhahaha

Today was also the dinner and Bash night!!
so much fun!!!

I was running like crazy before cause you know I talk to much!!! And for that I got to help some guys do some stuff!!! Long story! But it resulted on the Emperor looking for himself on my dress!!!

OMG I swear!!! My little self, the one who grew up in Brazil and never dreamed these things could ever happen, was freaking out inside of me!!!

I didn’t tell people about my participation on the Bash.
I didn’t know if many people knew exactly what was going on so I kept my mouth shut!
I guess that was cool!
Neil said people kept asking where I was when the bash started and he had to point to the stage!!! Hahahah

I was soooooo shy in the beginning!!!
Yes, me! Shy! I’m shy damn it! Hahah

But the girls on stage with me looked sooo amazing, and everything looked sooooo perfect!!! It was like being at Jabba’s palace!!!!
And the the rest was just fun fun fun!!!!









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