The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Celebration VI – Day 3

I cannot believe this thing is already half way done!!!! Saturday!!!
All i can think is that tomorrow is the last day! Soooo freaking sad.

But hey still got a whole day of fun!!!

Mara Jade was the costume of the day for the 501st Legion group photo that was scheduled for 1pm.

By the way, I walked up to Zac Jensen and declared my crush on Kit Fisto! I sure did! Hahah
I have no idea why, but I always thought Kit Fisto was the sexiest of the Jedi and up until CVI I had never seen the man behind the headtails!!!! Hahahah
Zac is pretty sexy himself, gotta admit!!! Hahaha

And the highlight of the day!! First one! I walked up to Jeff Carlisle table to show Neil his piece where he drew Monique and Cavalyn! I love that piece and always thought it was so cool my friends were on it!
So I found Cav and Monique and showed them to Neil, all proud of the girls and then! WAIT A MINUTE!!!
I swear!! The Mara Jade looks exactly like me! And I only saw it cause she was close to Cav and Monique! OMG!

Jeff was not on the table at the time so I couldn’t ask, but his wife and Neil thought it looked a lot like me!!!!
So cool!!

Then the best of it all happened during the group photo.
We were there waiting! I was with all the maras and EU characters… Only 2 maras with the black suit this time! And then who walks to talk to us????


Yes! Mr Timothy Zahn!
I never saw him before and had the biggest fan girl moment when I read his 501st honorary member badge!
I swear I screamed and hugged him so tight!
Of course people thought I was crazy but that’s cool!

He actually came up to us asking for a Mara Jade (in black suit) to help him re-create the cover of the Emperor’s Hand comic book!!!
And I did it!!!
Best thing ever during the whole convention!!!
The creator!!!
He called me daughter and I called him daddy!!!
His wife is so sweet too and she was wearing Mara’s shirt!!!

Oh and she told me, when they realized that I was the Arica at the bash, that he had his biggest fanboy moment when he saw me on stage last night. And that he was sooooo happy that they included her on the scenario!!!
And that made me even happier!!!!

I am soooo happy I got to meet the creator of my favorite character!!!!







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