The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

Celebration – Day 4

Can you believe it’s over???
I can’t!
Basically 2 years planning, crazy 5 months working on my TK to have it ready for this, all the anxiety as it got closer and closer, and its over sooo freaking fast!

I had post con depression even before things ended officially.

Today I decided to not wear costume! Wanted to walk around, see people, see stuff! So much to see!!!
In the afternoon had to report for duty with OPix and had another amazing time!
I was scheduled to work with Katie Purvis and it was fun!
She wasn’t too busy with fans but there was always someone at her table and I have to tell you! I ran a freaking marathon in that con floor! Running for water, running for a chair! Running for a red shirt, running for floor clean up!!! Geez how I ran!!!
Tracy said we should wear comfy shoes, but I should have worn RUNNING shoes!!!
But it was too much fun!

The best of all was Amy Allen stopping me to thank me for taking care of them last night and that it was fun to hang out!!! So cool!!
Seriously!!! My kid self flips out in joy when these things happen!!!

Day was busy and went by so fast. The con closed and Katie was done and they asked me to help out with Ashley’s line (Asohka) Her line was huge way after the con was over and we stayed there for a while!!!
It was sad, while helping control the line, to watch workers break down the con floor! A guy drove a golf cart and even took away the plants.
It was the most depressing feeling ever!

They announced CEII (Celebration Europe II) for next year. 3 days of fun in Germany! But of course I’m not going! Even if it was a possible dream, forgive me European fans, it’s just not the same.
If it was the same it would be Celebration VII in Europe. But it’s not!

I heard people saying they were supposed to announce the dates for CVII at the closing ceremony as well, but they didn’t.
The rumors around, just like last day of CV, was that it will be again in Orlando because Reed had since 2010 a 3 event contract with the OCCC.

I hope it’s in Orlando again. I know people complain so much because its a hike for some fans. But hey! Seriously! It’s gonna be a hike anyways. And picking a celebration location because its close to your house is NOT the way to go.
There are many factors involved and Orlando is a hike for me as well, but I honestly think its the best place.
Everybody can make a good vacation out of it.
The only other place that would make sense to me is Anaheim because of Disney world!
I always said this partnership between LFL and Disney’s very profitable for them am having celebration in Orlando is good for both sides!

And Orlando is awesome! Hotels are cheap, food is affordable! You can go in a budget with no worries!
Hey I even made this trip without a job!

But we gonna have to wait again! Because they are not telling.

It’s quite annoying actually, because announcing things like that makes it easier to plan.
They should just let celebration be in one place and that’s it. Make it an official 2 year thing in that location.

There’s nothing bad in that! Cons like Dragon Con and all others are always on the same place, every year! People come form everywhere in the country and especially at Dragon Con the hotels are super expensive. No one complains of the trip or prices.
Why do they have to complain about Celebration.

Anyways! All is done!
Got 2 more days in Orlando for Disney and some shopping then we are heading home.
Hopefully stupid hurricane Isaac won’t spoil our plans! Going to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios tomorrow.

Bye bye Celebration!
It was awesome! Again!







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