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Wearing a costume at Sarah’s wedding

It wasn’t really a real challenge. But when Sarah and Steve announced their wedding Sarah said it wasn’t going to be a costume affair!!
I did take it as a challenge and told her I would wear a costume and that she was going to love it! 😛

I got back home from CVI and had exactly one week to work on this!!!

I know professionals can whip up a couture dress in a day, but I’m not a professional! Even a regular dress would take me more than that, a lot more!!
And this dress had soooo many ruffles!!

I got crepe and chiffon for the dress! I wanted silk chiffon but the one they had was more orange than red! 😦

Chiffon is a pain in the arse (That’s my word of the month! ARSE!) hahaha
And I had to cut all the strips of chiffon, fray check ALL of them cause this stupid fabric fray like a bitch!
And them ruffle them!!!!

The way I do the ruffles is probably not how all of you smart people, sewing much longer and I have, do!
I sew 2 rows of straight stitch. Big ones, one row at a time. Then I pull the bottom thread to ruffle it up and then sew again on top of it with normal size straight stitch, backing up in the beginning and end to secure it.

After all those ruffles were done I hand sew them on the dress, sewing beads on them as well!

A whole week worth or work! But i actually made the base dress in 2 days (measuring, adjusting pattern and cutting on one, and sewing on the next) And it was actually a good thing I wasn’t working this week!!!

The wedding was yesterday! In Bristol or something! So far away!
I was still hand sewing ruffles Friday at 11pm.
It was around 12am, right before I started the last bit of the ruffling (the waist and flower) that I decided to try it on!

Oh freaking God Almighty!! Of course the zipper is on the back and not the easiest thing to zip up by myself.

I forced it too much and broke it.i broke the zipper.

I was in so much panic I couldn’t even was not the fact I had been talking about that dress since before that week, or that I really really wanted to wear a costume for the wedding, or the fact I had nothing else to wear!
It was 12am I hadn’t showered or done my hair, or even had a back up dress!


After a little of the panic went away all I could hear was Tim gunn on my ear saying

I didn’t have another red invisible zipper, so I googled how to fix a broken one. Found it!
Because of the lining and stuff I had to literally take the whole back of the dress apart to remove the zipper, I fixed it, sewed it back on and done!
Tried it on, all good! And went to sleep at 7am.
Woke up at 9am to shower, do my hair, hopped in the car, went to the wedding, partied until 2, 3 am! Chatted until 4:30am
And was up today at 9!
Seriously! I’m a trooper!!!


McDreamy seriously didn’t want to let me sew!!!! lol

iphone 961

The base dress was a piece of cake to make!!!! After that it was day after day making ruffles =S

iphone 962


iphone 993

And attaching ruffles….

iphone 994

And sewing tiny little seed beads on the… ruffles… i don’t think i want to see ruffles for a looong time!!!! lol

iphone 995

Mac thinks the ruffles make for a nice soft pillow!!! silly puppy!!! lol

iphone 996

This fabric is a bitch to hem! 

And voi-la!!! here is the original dress!!!!

iphone 992


And my version!!!! if i ever make this dress again, id make more layers on the skirt!!! but… i still love the way it turned out!!!!




iphone 1000


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