The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

NYCC – day 1

Can this still be adventures of a TK even if I’m not dressed up as one???
Yeah cause I went to NYCC and didn’t wear my armor!
Boo me!

Well, with all that crazy crap with job – not having one – and not knowing if I had one if would be appropriate to ask a day off right off the bat (probably not) – I didn’t buy a 4 day pass.
When the whole job situation was good and I realized I got the most amazing boss in the world and that I could have gone at least 3 days, it was too late and all 4 day and 3 day passes were sold out.
I had to buy Saturday and Sunday separately and it cost more than 4 day one!
So annoying.
I should have bought 4 days! And now I even missed having Daryl Dixon on my NYCC badge!
I got Carl and Glen! Glen is awesome!
And I love Chandler but I’m sorry! I can’t stand Carl!!

With only 2 days to enjoy NYCC and actually volunteering for OPix again on Sunday, I wanted a costume more comfortable that I could wear all day but still talk and be able to see things and people!!

So I wore Wonder Woman!! I haven’t worn it since….. Uhm I can’t even remember the last time! Hahah
I never even got to wear the new boots I got!!!

NYCC is seriously packed.
Like… Not so good kind of packed!
I hated that they changed the con floor layout and damn! It was so freaking full there were things you couldn’t even get close to see them!!

Some of the guys wanted to try the new Wii but the line was insane!

Talking about line!!! Thank goodness I didn’t have to face that huge line to get in! OMG that’s insane!
Even with them trying to get more organized about things it’s just crazy.

And have you noticed that most people just get in their heads there will be line and they accept that.. Which is cool but they end up forming lines for freaking nothing! Seriously!
They see people standing somewhere, just assume is a line for whatever and stand behind them!
In a matter of seconds you have that long stupid line going NOWHERE!
I don’t know if I wanna laugh or cry!
I guess ill laugh cause I didn’t stand on it!!! Hahahah

Ok now lets have a serious conversation here!
What the heck is up with Power Ranger?????????
Seriously, were them that big?? How did I miss that???
I mean we had the show in brazil. Not all these versions I guess. And I may have watched it once or twice!
Isn’t that show that the monsters look like they are from some Japanese tv show or something like that???

It was soooo freaking lame!
And besides that I have been going to conventions for 3 years now! Not that long I k ow but I have gone to quite a few!!! And I never heard anything about power rangers. And now!!!

Damn!! The green ranger had the longest line in the whole autograph area!!! People were going crazy to meet him and get his autograph!!

I honestly just don’t get!!


The best part of the day of course was sitting on first row for The Walking Dead panel!!’
The questions from the audience were stupid! Way too many little kids asking silly questions or repeating the ones from last year! But it was awesome to see them all (Merle, the governor, Michonne, Daryl, Carl, Rick, and Robert kirkman!) missed Nicottero tho, and gale was there as well!

The preview was awesome and I got my Daryl badge signed (Bill got a 4 day badge and he gave it me yeeey)

Norman did something funny! Maybe it’s all in mind but I’m 90% sure he did it on purpose! Hahahhaha it’s ok! I get it!!! Hahahha

After the con we went to have dinner at stout!
Me, Dawn and our boys!!! Lol Gino, Neil, Seth, Bill, and Jim from Ohio. He works for Opix as well and we met him at CVI. He is staying with Neil!
And probably regrets it by now cause we a bunch of crazy ppl!
Hahahah we were going to stay for ruby’s birthday karaoke. But the guys didn’t wanna wait so Gino took is to this Korean place!!!

It’s karaoke in private rooms!
I don’t even want to let my crazy OCD take over because I will wash myself in Clorox! Soooooo disgusting.
The walls and ARGH.

At least they seemed to clean up the seats and table very well.

It was fun tho. A lot of fun! Everybody got so drunk. Everybody but me cause all they have to drink is sake and beer.
I tried sake and its the worse thing ever.

But it was a fun fun night!
The way back home was not fun at all.
Riding in the back seat does not agree with me much. Especially in a small car. I got so car sick it was not even funny!!

At least I had time to get home before my dinner saw the light of day again!

Well there’s more tomorrow!!!






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