The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

NYCC – day 2

Day 2!!
No costume for me today!
Worked all day and had a blast!

I know people think I’m little, and have this voice, but hey!!! When it’s needed I can be tough!!
And I was today with all the people trying to sneak a picture of Carrie and Ian!

OMG Carrie fisher and Ian McDarmiad! (I need to learn to spell his name!!’ Hahah)
I didn’t even see Carrie at CVI so it was awesome to see her in NY!!
She is so funny! She was covering everybody in glitter!!! Ahahha
I escaped actually, which is great cause I hate glitter! Even if its Carrie Fisher’s hahahha

The day actually went super fast! They were done at around 3 and so was I.
Then I got to walk around with some friends, see some other stuff! Looked for people! Didn’t find them, but I tried.

After that we went to have dinner but guess what?? I freaking got car sick again!
I don’t understand why I don’t get it in the morning.
I was on the back seat in the morning too although I should have learned my lesson.

So annoying.
There was a huge line at the restaurant and I was starving which doesn’t go well with being car sick!! So I went to the pharmacy got some ginger ale, Dramamine and waited outside.

That Dramamine thing is good! Really good!
Although I was soooo sleepy was not very smart to take knowing I had to drive!

And that’s pretty much it! It was a short NYCC for me! But still fun!
Now there’s RICC and SMF and the convention year will be over. So sad!!!


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486859_10151108689733310_1650930925_n           20121108-134228.jpg



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