The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

The reveal

Basically since April or something my 501st garrison has been working as a group in a secret costume for Super Megafest!
It is one of the coolest projects we’ve done so far and of course, super awesome to have so many people involved.

The thing is that our SMF Saturday night costume is always a secret and that’s why I couldn’t say anything before!
But since the Con was this past weekend and we finally wore it, I can talk about it!!!
I guess it was the first time we actually did something closely related to Star Wars! The previous years had been Grease (2011) Star Trek (2010) M.A.S.H (2009) and in 2008 I think was a bowling shirt. I think it was their first year but it was before I joined.

We always add our own little spin to it and since its a night time costume to hang out at the bar, we add some of that to it as well!!!

I did start working on it in April! I got one of those plastic mannequins, drew my own design because I actually hate the way some of the female chest plates look like, and cut, trimmed and sanded every piece. I put everything away and started working on my TK because the Mando was for November so id have plenty of time to work on it right?

So August came and went, I got busy working on my dress for Sarah’s wedding, September went by super quickly so did October! And then I found myself stuck and with no clue what else I could do for this costume.

Being a CTG project it had to have CTG colors… And of course I got the wrong color.
Life got in the way and I was not able to join everybody else on shop nights (where all CTGers get together to work on costumes, props and be merry!!!)

An you know that freaking big block? Yeah that was me! I wanted something more, something cool like I saw everybody else had! But I had no idea what!
I ended up getting some signs and making some leg armor which came out cool!
Got the right color, made a cape out if some fabric I had dyed for something else. And in the last few days before SMF I was working in this thing until 2, 3 in the morning and spray painting in the dark until way after 10pm.

Talk about last minute stuff.

I also got my helmet super late in the game and had to spray paint, put toothpaste on it, masking tape and paint 3 different colors! :S

But I guess the end results were ok!!!!
Too bad I don’t have better pictures of it!






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