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First troop of the year: INTREPID

Well this TK here had been a bit lazy!!! It’s kind if like this every year. Things are pretty calm after SMF and the first troop of the year for me has always been in February, on Presidents’ Day! Kids week at the Intrepid, in NYC!

I love this event! So much fun!!!
This was my third year going but first time as a TK.

Again my armor held up pretty well for such a long troop. No pieces falling off along the way, and not one single armor bite!!! I even sat down to eat! 🙂
Oh and went up the stairs. So many stairs.
And thank goodness for people’s help, especially Kirstin and the new girl from Carida. ( sorry I forgot hat name) they helped me all the way up, because besides the fact I couldn’t see the steps, I barely could move my legs.
And do you know how the steps are inside an aircraft carrier????? Well believe me! They are awful, and tight, and definitely not made for stormtroopers!!!

Oh!!! And I even ran in armor!! Lol I have the impression I may have looked a bit like Forrest Gump while I was running, but that’s ok!!!!!!
I got myself made into a small potato and got sorted into the gryffindor house at hogwarts by the talking sorting hat!

And most fun of all got to see friends I don’t see very often!!!

You know! I wonder if the excitement of wearing armor will ever stop because I still get soooo excited!!! All the time!!! IM A STORMTROOPER!!! And I love it!!!!!

And looking at all the other troopers there, I still can’t believe I did make my armor small enough to fit me.

Sooo cool!!!






It’s a wrap

It’s over! Well it’s been over for 2 days now, but I’m still in disbelief. Maybe it’s because the OCCC hasn’t taken down (turned off) their Star Wars Celebration signs yet, and every time we drove by there was a huge pain in my heart.

Now we are on our way home, somewhere in Georgia I guess.
I wish it was not over and I’m suffering a huge case of PCD. But on the other hand I am happy to go home to my McDreamy.
It will be awesome to sleep on my bed tonight cuddling with my pup!

I’ll post pics when I get home, after I sleep a bit! Had only 3:30 hrs of sleep last night!!!
And I’m still awake, don’t even know why!


Celebration VI – Day 3

I cannot believe this thing is already half way done!!!! Saturday!!!
All i can think is that tomorrow is the last day! Soooo freaking sad.

But hey still got a whole day of fun!!!

Mara Jade was the costume of the day for the 501st Legion group photo that was scheduled for 1pm.

By the way, I walked up to Zac Jensen and declared my crush on Kit Fisto! I sure did! Hahah
I have no idea why, but I always thought Kit Fisto was the sexiest of the Jedi and up until CVI I had never seen the man behind the headtails!!!! Hahahah
Zac is pretty sexy himself, gotta admit!!! Hahaha

And the highlight of the day!! First one! I walked up to Jeff Carlisle table to show Neil his piece where he drew Monique and Cavalyn! I love that piece and always thought it was so cool my friends were on it!
So I found Cav and Monique and showed them to Neil, all proud of the girls and then! WAIT A MINUTE!!!
I swear!! The Mara Jade looks exactly like me! And I only saw it cause she was close to Cav and Monique! OMG!

Jeff was not on the table at the time so I couldn’t ask, but his wife and Neil thought it looked a lot like me!!!!
So cool!!

Then the best of it all happened during the group photo.
We were there waiting! I was with all the maras and EU characters… Only 2 maras with the black suit this time! And then who walks to talk to us????


Yes! Mr Timothy Zahn!
I never saw him before and had the biggest fan girl moment when I read his 501st honorary member badge!
I swear I screamed and hugged him so tight!
Of course people thought I was crazy but that’s cool!

He actually came up to us asking for a Mara Jade (in black suit) to help him re-create the cover of the Emperor’s Hand comic book!!!
And I did it!!!
Best thing ever during the whole convention!!!
The creator!!!
He called me daughter and I called him daddy!!!
His wife is so sweet too and she was wearing Mara’s shirt!!!

Oh and she told me, when they realized that I was the Arica at the bash, that he had his biggest fanboy moment when he saw me on stage last night. And that he was sooooo happy that they included her on the scenario!!!
And that made me even happier!!!!

I am soooo happy I got to meet the creator of my favorite character!!!!






Celebration VI – Day 2

Whoaaaa what fun!!!!
I think I went to sleep at 4 or 5am and woke up by 8 freaking out cause my friend Neil was still sleeping!
I must have say in bed for around half an hour wondering if it was ok to wake him up already cause I wanted to star the day as soon as possible!!!!!
Come on lazy bones!!!!!!!

Honestly I have no idea where I find so much energy! People say as we get older things change but I have to confess one thing!!! It’s getting worse for me (or better hahahah) I seem to have more energy now then when I was 19!!! Crazy shit bitches. Hahahhah

Costume of the day: my burlesque TK!!!
I planned to wear this for just half of the day! Those shoes are killer and I will have to do something about them!!!
It didn’t last much tho. Not even because of the shoes.
I kept my blaster on the holster and carried the big one and guess what???
One of the holster’s snap broke and was dangling.
Damn that was enough to piss me off!!!
It didn’t even look that bad but I was sooooo mad I had to change.

Neil and I were scheduled to work with Official Pix anyways!!! So I changed are something and reported for duty!!!

My very first day as an official pix volunteer!
I was honestly prepared to be giving info about the autographs by the bathroom door right next to a garbage can!!! Hahahhaha
But guess what????????

I got to work with Ian McDirmiad! YES! The emperor himself!!!

OMG I could not believe it!
And Neil was at Mark Hamill’s table!
Aren’t we the luckiest rookies in the face of the earth ??

Everybody at OPix are do cool! All the oranges and reds!!! There are so many oranges tho I didn’t get the chance to meet everybody!!! But there’s still time!!!

Ian is awesome! I lived to see how zealous he is with people’s things!!!
Oh and I was holding a guys poster after he signed and I thought te guy had it already so I let go and he didn’t have it so it rolled up a bit (ink was still wet) I caught and so did Ian and the guy, but Mr Emperor gave me that cold look!

HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! I almost died!!!
Made sure I didn’t do that again!!! I held to people’s stuff until they had to pry it from my hands!!! Hahahhahaha

Today was also the dinner and Bash night!!
so much fun!!!

I was running like crazy before cause you know I talk to much!!! And for that I got to help some guys do some stuff!!! Long story! But it resulted on the Emperor looking for himself on my dress!!!

OMG I swear!!! My little self, the one who grew up in Brazil and never dreamed these things could ever happen, was freaking out inside of me!!!

I didn’t tell people about my participation on the Bash.
I didn’t know if many people knew exactly what was going on so I kept my mouth shut!
I guess that was cool!
Neil said people kept asking where I was when the bash started and he had to point to the stage!!! Hahahah

I was soooooo shy in the beginning!!!
Yes, me! Shy! I’m shy damn it! Hahah

But the girls on stage with me looked sooo amazing, and everything looked sooooo perfect!!! It was like being at Jabba’s palace!!!!
And the the rest was just fun fun fun!!!!








Celebration VI – Day 1

We arrived here on the first day of the Con, and that means we missed the whole beginning of it.
Gotta have to do it differently next time, and plan to arrive on Wednesday.

Anyways, so much fun to see people I haven’t seen in so long! Even the ones that live so close to me, like all the gang from the ECG and NEG! But I haven’t seen them in forever!!!

The first ones I saw were Brian, Jodi and Monique from the NEG when we just stopped at the hotel and got out of the car!!!
The fun is about to start people!!!

I don’t know guys!!! Celebration is always a blur for me! So much to see and do and damn time goes fast!!!

I wore my TK today! It seemed it was for such a short time!!!
2 friends recognized my shortness!!! Lisa and Kevin!!!!
But there were people that walked right passed me and had no idea the tiny TK was me!!! Hahha

Funny thing is… I haven’t heard much of “Aren’t you too short for a Stormtrooper?”
Unless I take my helmet off and they know its me! Hahah

Btw, I hate taking my helmet off. I look absolutely ridiculous with that balaclava on. I always had the impression my head is too small for my body and with that silly thing it looks even smaller!!!


Night time was pool party! As the social butterfly that I am I tried to spend some time with everybody! And kept going around the pool and stopping by every little garrison groups!!! So funny how it ended up beig a bunch if little cluster of groups divided by garrisons, but everybody was still interacting.

I just love my 501st family!

It is kind of sad though that the CTG seems to be the smallest group here! Just me, Neil, Seth and Bill!
Btw, Seth and Bill are just awesome fun!!!!

Some pics of today!


DSC_0002 (2) DSC_0003 (2) 551642_406957856030035_171900031_n DSC_0112 (2) DSC_0021 (2) DSC_0079 (2) DSC_0157 (2)


My little tiny TK is on the way to Celebration!

See you all there! And don’t forget the challenge: FIND ME!



1st troop

August 18th was my first troop as a stormtrooper, and you wanna know what????

Who knew I would grow up to be a stormtrooper, huh??? Lol

ComiCONN was this past Saturday and it was an amazing event! The Marriott in Trumbull was packed and at one point the line to get in was wrapping around the building outside!
If you never attended you are missing a great fun show, and super good people!!

Anyways, I just can’t tell you how cool it was, from beginning to end! I already felt super cool rolling my bright yellow suitcase in and holding my helmet bag!!

Getting dressed wasn’t as complicated as the first few time, and I had Gino getting his TK on at the same time so i just had to follow his steps when I got confused! Hahah
Yeah sometimes I forget what goes first and end up stuck on something.

I barely needed help!

The troop itself was a breeze! I had no idea I’d be sooo cool and not freaking out with the helmet on for so long.
To tell you the truth I as a bit worried!
But I found out that when I start feeling weird inside of it I just need to walk! Then I’m fine!
But I didn’t even feel weird and ended up trooping for 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Only stopped cause I was hungry (which was a good sign! Haven’t been hungry in weeks)

Oh I also had to pee mid troop! Hahaha had to take everything off and then put everything back on!!!

At the end of the troop I had no armor bites, no soreness, no malfunctions! It was just a perfect first troop! I just couldn’t be happier!

Now… Looking at the pics!
DAMN I look little next to the other guys!
Like keychain little!
Tiny TK is def the perfect name cause I’m not just small. Alone I’m small! With other TKs I’m just freaking tiny!

Another thing was that ppl kept bumping onto me and moving the shoulder bells. I kept trying to fix it but it was hard! 😖
Now I’m absolutely annoyed by the pictures cause my shoulder bells are always looking bad!

Not sure what I can do to stop that from happening…








Sooo crazy busy with stuff lately!
After I finished the TK I wasn’t feeling guilty to work on other stuff so that’s what I have been doing.

And it also got a bit hard to get someone to come over and take pictures for me… I basically went through the same thing with all my other costumes. Have the costume ready but couldn’t take pictures! Such a pain!

By the way… I just realized, this is my 3rd year in the Legion! And this is my 3rd costume!
It will be sort of nice to keep it a tradition! Although I haven’t done it on purpose! Until now I mean! Lol
I think one costume a year is doable!

I will, though, stay away from plastic for my next one!!! Hahaha

Oh plastic how I hate you! 😛

Alright, alright!!! I don’t hate plastic! But the scars on my legs havent gone away yet and that’s annoying! Or cool! Hahah I can compare scars with other troopers! I bet we all have them, right?

Ok, no more blah blah blahs!
Sunday Neil came over to take pictures.
I tried to dress myself up! Still getting the hang of it! I got confused on the order of things a few times and then just had to take everything off, cause the other piece would go on… So confusing!
The top part is not the easiest to put on! But I do like how everything is attached and stay in place so I guess I’ll suffer on the dressing up part!

The shins kind of chipped the paint ony boots!
But…. You can’t even see it because it covers it completely! So I guess I’ll leave it like this while I research other alternatives to keep the paint on it or something.

So… The first round of pictures… Dumb me… Flipped the belt upside down so the holster was on the right side.
I’m still not used to this and didn’t even realized until I posted the picture on Facebook and someone pointed that out!
First reaction was complete terror! I thought I had done everything backwards! Then realized it was just upside down!! Uff! What a relief!

Then we took more pictures!
Second time around it was easier to get dress!

I feel soooooo cool in my armor!
Who knew I’d grow up to be a stormtrooper!! Hahaha

So I sent the pictures to my GML, Chris and a few hours later got his answer that IM APPROVED!

I’m officially a TK, a 501st stormtrooper! How awesome is that?????



GML update

My GML is awesome and answered me pretty quickly!

H e said it looked good but the belt should be raised up 2 inches or so. Those buttons on the lower part of the ab plate should not be seen!

I have to add Velcro or snaps to it but I didn’t know exactly where to, so I didn’t do it! Good cause now it’s easy to fix!

And he also said he doesn’t like the drop boxes very much!
Those are easy fix, cause I attached them with Velcro. I should have checked them better when I suited up! And I also should have checked the pictures! 😦

The worse part of it all is depending on people to be free to come take my picture. :S it will probably have to wait until the weekend again!

Oh well…

I’m a TK bitch

Well, not yet!! Still needs to be approved! Here is me suiting up!


And here is TK ME!!! So awesome!


Now gotta wait to see what my GML says and hopefully there won’t be too much stuff to fix

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