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Star Wars Reads Day – Darien – CT



Wearing a costume at Sarah’s wedding

It wasn’t really a real challenge. But when Sarah and Steve announced their wedding Sarah said it wasn’t going to be a costume affair!!
I did take it as a challenge and told her I would wear a costume and that she was going to love it! 😛

I got back home from CVI and had exactly one week to work on this!!!

I know professionals can whip up a couture dress in a day, but I’m not a professional! Even a regular dress would take me more than that, a lot more!!
And this dress had soooo many ruffles!!

I got crepe and chiffon for the dress! I wanted silk chiffon but the one they had was more orange than red! 😦

Chiffon is a pain in the arse (That’s my word of the month! ARSE!) hahaha
And I had to cut all the strips of chiffon, fray check ALL of them cause this stupid fabric fray like a bitch!
And them ruffle them!!!!

The way I do the ruffles is probably not how all of you smart people, sewing much longer and I have, do!
I sew 2 rows of straight stitch. Big ones, one row at a time. Then I pull the bottom thread to ruffle it up and then sew again on top of it with normal size straight stitch, backing up in the beginning and end to secure it.

After all those ruffles were done I hand sew them on the dress, sewing beads on them as well!

A whole week worth or work! But i actually made the base dress in 2 days (measuring, adjusting pattern and cutting on one, and sewing on the next) And it was actually a good thing I wasn’t working this week!!!

The wedding was yesterday! In Bristol or something! So far away!
I was still hand sewing ruffles Friday at 11pm.
It was around 12am, right before I started the last bit of the ruffling (the waist and flower) that I decided to try it on!

Oh freaking God Almighty!! Of course the zipper is on the back and not the easiest thing to zip up by myself.

I forced it too much and broke it.i broke the zipper.

I was in so much panic I couldn’t even was not the fact I had been talking about that dress since before that week, or that I really really wanted to wear a costume for the wedding, or the fact I had nothing else to wear!
It was 12am I hadn’t showered or done my hair, or even had a back up dress!


After a little of the panic went away all I could hear was Tim gunn on my ear saying

I didn’t have another red invisible zipper, so I googled how to fix a broken one. Found it!
Because of the lining and stuff I had to literally take the whole back of the dress apart to remove the zipper, I fixed it, sewed it back on and done!
Tried it on, all good! And went to sleep at 7am.
Woke up at 9am to shower, do my hair, hopped in the car, went to the wedding, partied until 2, 3 am! Chatted until 4:30am
And was up today at 9!
Seriously! I’m a trooper!!!


McDreamy seriously didn’t want to let me sew!!!! lol

iphone 961

The base dress was a piece of cake to make!!!! After that it was day after day making ruffles =S

iphone 962


iphone 993

And attaching ruffles….

iphone 994

And sewing tiny little seed beads on the… ruffles… i don’t think i want to see ruffles for a looong time!!!! lol

iphone 995

Mac thinks the ruffles make for a nice soft pillow!!! silly puppy!!! lol

iphone 996

This fabric is a bitch to hem! 

And voi-la!!! here is the original dress!!!!

iphone 992


And my version!!!! if i ever make this dress again, id make more layers on the skirt!!! but… i still love the way it turned out!!!!




iphone 1000

Celebration – Day 4

Can you believe it’s over???
I can’t!
Basically 2 years planning, crazy 5 months working on my TK to have it ready for this, all the anxiety as it got closer and closer, and its over sooo freaking fast!

I had post con depression even before things ended officially.

Today I decided to not wear costume! Wanted to walk around, see people, see stuff! So much to see!!!
In the afternoon had to report for duty with OPix and had another amazing time!
I was scheduled to work with Katie Purvis and it was fun!
She wasn’t too busy with fans but there was always someone at her table and I have to tell you! I ran a freaking marathon in that con floor! Running for water, running for a chair! Running for a red shirt, running for floor clean up!!! Geez how I ran!!!
Tracy said we should wear comfy shoes, but I should have worn RUNNING shoes!!!
But it was too much fun!

The best of all was Amy Allen stopping me to thank me for taking care of them last night and that it was fun to hang out!!! So cool!!
Seriously!!! My kid self flips out in joy when these things happen!!!

Day was busy and went by so fast. The con closed and Katie was done and they asked me to help out with Ashley’s line (Asohka) Her line was huge way after the con was over and we stayed there for a while!!!
It was sad, while helping control the line, to watch workers break down the con floor! A guy drove a golf cart and even took away the plants.
It was the most depressing feeling ever!

They announced CEII (Celebration Europe II) for next year. 3 days of fun in Germany! But of course I’m not going! Even if it was a possible dream, forgive me European fans, it’s just not the same.
If it was the same it would be Celebration VII in Europe. But it’s not!

I heard people saying they were supposed to announce the dates for CVII at the closing ceremony as well, but they didn’t.
The rumors around, just like last day of CV, was that it will be again in Orlando because Reed had since 2010 a 3 event contract with the OCCC.

I hope it’s in Orlando again. I know people complain so much because its a hike for some fans. But hey! Seriously! It’s gonna be a hike anyways. And picking a celebration location because its close to your house is NOT the way to go.
There are many factors involved and Orlando is a hike for me as well, but I honestly think its the best place.
Everybody can make a good vacation out of it.
The only other place that would make sense to me is Anaheim because of Disney world!
I always said this partnership between LFL and Disney’s very profitable for them am having celebration in Orlando is good for both sides!

And Orlando is awesome! Hotels are cheap, food is affordable! You can go in a budget with no worries!
Hey I even made this trip without a job!

But we gonna have to wait again! Because they are not telling.

It’s quite annoying actually, because announcing things like that makes it easier to plan.
They should just let celebration be in one place and that’s it. Make it an official 2 year thing in that location.

There’s nothing bad in that! Cons like Dragon Con and all others are always on the same place, every year! People come form everywhere in the country and especially at Dragon Con the hotels are super expensive. No one complains of the trip or prices.
Why do they have to complain about Celebration.

Anyways! All is done!
Got 2 more days in Orlando for Disney and some shopping then we are heading home.
Hopefully stupid hurricane Isaac won’t spoil our plans! Going to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios tomorrow.

Bye bye Celebration!
It was awesome! Again!






Tiny TK


At least the tiny TK is ready!!!!! Lol


I wanna scream!

I’m tired! I’m tired of this mess, and i’m tired of not having this costume ready.

I’m tired of sitting on the floor, and doing nothing else but working on this thing. Every single day, every free time.

I’m even thinking of backing out of the Memorial Day Parade next monday because… I need to finish this.

Ok, sure… I don’t have to do all this. I don’t have to finish it right now. As long as it’s ready for CVI right??


Got it???? Good!


So, instead of having a snap connecting the arms straps to the shoulder strap Rick suggested i sewed it. so there was no risk of seeing the snap since I’m going for the floating shoulder strap.



I don’t know exactly what i did with the right forearm. I did not bend the tabbie things nicely. Maybe i thought i could get away with it… who knows. I don’t remember, cause it was a while ago.. but now… they are not joining nicely.

and stupid me… wasted another day trying to get around it without having to work with the heat gun. I hate the heat gun. It burns my fingers.

Geez! I think I may be PMSy. I’m tired of my bad mood!


Yeah… whatever… i know… the drop boxes are on the wrong place. gotta fix them. thank goodness i put velcro.

cause i’m planning on using the belt on the burlesque version as well… i just thought it would be nice to have the option of not using the drop boxes.



I’m gonna go to sleep, cause i’m tired of the world!

Where did it go?

Lost all my motivation. If you find it, please return it to me. I desperately need it! 😦

Now, some more trimming

Everyone suggested I started the real trimming on the arms. So I started with the shoulder bells. It seemed to be the easiest of all, but i still had to decide if I was going to leave it big, or actually cut it.

After so much thinking…. I did cut them 1/2″ all around, but on the bottom I only removed the return edge. Since I’m going to have to add another one, it would get shorter a bit anyways.



So I borrowed the modeling iron from a friend, and read over and over again how to make a nice return edge. I confess i was mighty curious to see if I could do it, so decided to practice a little on some scrap piece of plastic.

Well, it was a good idea of course, always good to practice but… i knew that the plastic left over from trimming was a bit thinner then what I would have to do the return edge on…

So… i didn’t practice for too long.

I tried following exactly what the tutorial said, but it didn’t work. It said to apply some pressure and move the iron back and forth. I tried, tried, and nothing happened.

So, in frustration… I just left the iron on the plastic for a bit, until it got soft and THEN i moved back and forth.

It is kind of never wrecking to watch the plastic basically melt right before my eyes, but it worked perfectly!

And I think my first return edge just looks AWESOME! I’m very proud of myself right now!!! lol




I was told this was going to be my best friend on this build.

I got it at the hobby store and it has 2 temperatures. I have no idea what the cooler temperature is for though. It is warm and stuff, but it just doesn’t do anything. Of course i tried first with the cooler setting. hahah So scary!


First piece i reshaped was the biceps. My fingers are burning! =(

i can use gloves… but… it’s hard to hold everything with the gloves i have!!!!

It’s unbelievable that with just a few bending and reshaping it already looks so much smaller. And i only trimmed after it was more fitting on my arm.



See??? It fits sooooooo nicely!!!! I’m so happy!


Almost done! With the bucket that is!

Finished painting! Looks so pretty already!!!!


Ears fixed, time to paint!

Ok, so here is the picture of the ears that i promised! and I also started painting.

It looks good right??? The ear?? I love it, but… of course my friend doesn’t remember where he put the last screw and i can’t find the same one at home depot.

Don’t ask me why i decided to hand paint everything. Maybe because I like the hardest things in life. But honestly… i dream of Centurion status! So, everything that i can do right now, I will do it!


I got the Masking templates from Trooperbay and I love them. It comes with 2 sets!!


I told you I like difficult things! I even painted the teeth without making own masking template with painters tape.


I’m leaving the tube stripes for last because those scare me the most! and I’m not even sure if the template is positioned correctly!




See, all free handed! CRAZY! lol

Trim trim trim

Ok so i finally got the hobby scissors people suggested. It came in a package with 2, one straight, one curved.

they are so tiny it’s almost impossible to think they will cut easily through the abs.

I also got some other scissors, and the little exacto knife for some score and snap!

I see people use metal rulers, but i decided to use what i have. I have soooo many different rulers i just didn’t want to buy another one.



Everybody mentioned the “score and snap” technique. it seemed impossible for me that just a little score would make it easy to snap! but it is!



This is really just a rough trimming. I wons wondering if i should just start trimming to fit and not wast time trimming it twice… but… I’ve never done this before. I need some practice before i need to make cuts that will make a difference.

So here are the hand plates. I still need to measure and then cut again!




The curved areas are so much easier to cut with the scissors!




I separated the cod piece.

Fist because i heard that if you want to make your armor as accurate as possible you should do that. My armor won’t be as accurate as possible because of the size, right?? so everything else that i can do… i will.

And also because some people told me it’s more comfortable… and because i will probably have to cut some inches off of the top!


I do not know why but i don’t want to throw all this out, just yet!!!



Yep! first blood shed! hahaha and of course it had to be on my right leg!

I ALWAYS hurt my right leg! Can you see the scars next to the little cut???


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