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First troop of the year: INTREPID

Well this TK here had been a bit lazy!!! It’s kind if like this every year. Things are pretty calm after SMF and the first troop of the year for me has always been in February, on Presidents’ Day! Kids week at the Intrepid, in NYC!

I love this event! So much fun!!!
This was my third year going but first time as a TK.

Again my armor held up pretty well for such a long troop. No pieces falling off along the way, and not one single armor bite!!! I even sat down to eat! 🙂
Oh and went up the stairs. So many stairs.
And thank goodness for people’s help, especially Kirstin and the new girl from Carida. ( sorry I forgot hat name) they helped me all the way up, because besides the fact I couldn’t see the steps, I barely could move my legs.
And do you know how the steps are inside an aircraft carrier????? Well believe me! They are awful, and tight, and definitely not made for stormtroopers!!!

Oh!!! And I even ran in armor!! Lol I have the impression I may have looked a bit like Forrest Gump while I was running, but that’s ok!!!!!!
I got myself made into a small potato and got sorted into the gryffindor house at hogwarts by the talking sorting hat!

And most fun of all got to see friends I don’t see very often!!!

You know! I wonder if the excitement of wearing armor will ever stop because I still get soooo excited!!! All the time!!! IM A STORMTROOPER!!! And I love it!!!!!

And looking at all the other troopers there, I still can’t believe I did make my armor small enough to fit me.

Sooo cool!!!






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