The Adventures of a tiny TK

YES! I am too short for a Stormtrooper!

The trimming of the torso

Couldn’t be lost forever right?

last night both Gino and Neil came over. Neil got the snap plate job, while Gino started painting the chest thingies… and me…

I was tapind everything, and putting on me, trying to figure out what to do.

We marked where should be cut, decided to overlap the cod piece instead of cutting everything.

And also before I trimmed ANYTHING I reshaped everything with the heat gun.

Little by little the pieces fit a bit better and then it was easier to figure out exactly where to cut!

See how smaller it turned out??? It fits me perfectly!!!


I taped everything together and had to trim that much off of the kidney plate!!!

I was so afraid those wouldn’t match nicely with the front part, but that was a very easy fix!


This is it!!! I just trimmed and didn’t add a return edge because that part will be hidden under the belt.


Gino was showing Neil how to make the snap plates and Mac was showing Neil how to lick Gino’s face!

they work so well together! lol



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